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Foto's P.P.E. Agency en van de Belevenis.

Doezel is coming to life...

Doezel was a commission on behalf of the foundation "de Belevenis" which I accepted with love.
This 1 meter 50 cm large mascot has found his place in the marvelous world of de Belevenis.
on behalf of the foundation: "Pardoes is a famous mascot of the Efteling.
In the mean time everybody knows the logo from "de Belevenis".
The little fellow on our logo, that soon got the name, 'Doezel', missed a face.
Fantasy artist Andrea van Dalen-Krens, one of the best fantasy doll makers from the Netherlands,
got the question by the end of february 2009 to let 'Doezel' come to life.
Essence in her work is that it breaths the atmosphere we wanted to achieve.
Doezel got is face and a body that suited "de Belevenis".
The beautiful full scale doll directly could take place on his cloud at the entrance.
On april the 25th 2009 'Doezel' has been revealed the public.

Note: a young woman snuggled up the lap of Doezel, takes his hands and starts smiling;
every day little miracles happen....."

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